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Core Issues Trust vs Barclays:  Account Closure

Staff writer The David and Goliath battle with Barclays Bank has thrown up some interesting trends undermining our national life in the UK.  We are grateful to the Christian Legal Centre in representing us, and for securing us a win of £21,500...

Introducing the CIT Africa Project

Mike Davidson, CEO Core Issues Trust Attending GAFCON IV, will no doubt go down as a highlight for CIT in 2023. The 2023 GAFCON video report brings the pleasant memories flooding back! There are fond memories too, of our time in Jerusalem at GAFCON...

The Gospel, and the Priorities of the Church

If, therefore, our practical and pastoral concern is limited to what occurs within the confines of the church – whether its building, programmes, members or activities - we then leave the public space open to being taken over by the adversary with...


Core Issues Trust was a Gold Partner of the fourth Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON IV) which took place between the 17th and the 21st April 2023 at the world-renowned Kigali Convention Centre in Rwanda. This conference was entitled ‘To...

Warsaw’s Church of Glory leads Praise Evening with Matthew Grech

Church of Glory Church, in Warsaw Poland, will offer an evening of praise and worship this Saturday 21st of September starting 7.00pm (UK time). Leading the evening is “Sound of Glory” worship tream who will also support Maltese Gospel artist, Matthew Grech. Join us this saturdaey LIVE on YouTube

Statement about McKrae Game

Game is credited with being a founder of “conversion therapy” in the 3rd Sept 2019 Washington Examiner article, ‘Founder of conversion therapy organization comes out as gay and apologizes’. In reality he was founder of a successor network to Exodus “International”. He now claims, after coming out as “gay”, that they did “Conversion Therapy”

The possible abuse of professional bodies in denying clients autonomy in achieving sexual identities which refuse to embrace homosexual feelings – by penalising professional psychotherapists.

Efforts to protect vulnerable adults and minors from unscrupulous pseudo- psychotherapeutic interventions are to be welcomed. However, refusal to recognise client autonomy and self-determination in the matter of sexual identity and the right to reorder sexual orientation amounts to discrimination based on ideology.

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Freedom of speech to articulate alternative, non-affirming responses to homosexuality is an important right to be protected.

This illustrates a duplicity of standards in the communication about the choices individuals have in responding to homosexual feelings. Any advertising or information campaign challenging the idea that homosexuality is innate, and immutable, is likely to be banned on the grounds that the fact change of sexual orientation and associated behaviours cannot be proven.

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A Critique of UKCP’s Ethical Principles and Codes of Professional Conduct:

Guidance on the Practice of Psychological Therapies that Pathologise and/or Seek to Eliminate or Reduce Same Sex Attraction. This article expresses concern that the Ethical Principles of the UK Council for Psychotherapy appear to be based on an inadequate scientific foundation, and to contravene the human rights of persons who wish to receive professional help to reduce unwanted same-sex attractions

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