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Response to Emily Sargent’s ‘Invited’ Investigation In The Times On Former LGB-Identified Persons Who Benefit From Change Allowing Therapy

Dr Laura Haynes, PhD Chair, IFTCC Science and Research Council Journalist Emily Sargent, in her investigation for the Times, confessed she lied undercover. She did not experience “conversion therapy” as she claims.  She experienced lying to...

Statement on Use of Public Funds for Biased Research

Issued by Core Issues Trust Press Release For Immediate release 23 January 2024 CHARITY WARNS OF PUBLIC FUNDS USED TO CREATE “BIASED RESEARCH” INTO ‘GAY THERAPY’ IN NORTHERN IRELAND PUBLIC funds are being used to create “biased” research into...

Letter to Department for Communities (NI)

In the absence of a Minister for Communities at Stormont – TO: The Chief Administrator and the Funding Managers and Human Subjects Ethics Advisors, Department for Communities (DFC), Northern Ireland Professor Fidelma Ashe, University of Ulster,...

Public Money being Used for Biased LGBT+ Research

Why is the NI Department for Communities using Public Money to Promote the LGBT Agenda? By Dr Laura Haynes, PhD and Dr Mike Davidson, PhD. The Department for Communities in Northern Ireland is funding research purporting to want to understand...

X-Out-Loud Speak Up at the Church of England’s Synod

Core Issues Trust and members of X-Out-Loud came together in London from the 13th – 15th of November 2023 for the Church of England’s General Synod. The Church of England Synod is a council of 478 voting members arranged into three Houses – the...

Christmas Newsletter and Appeal

Join with us in thanks for a good year serving and fighting for the the freedom and right to indentify as once gay and to access help to wlak accoring to our own values. Please support us in 2020!

Professional Practice Guideines Released b Professional Bodies

The Royal College of Psychiatrists is a highly respected institution which is trusted by the nation, as are the UK’s largest counselling and psychotherapeutic professional bodies, the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

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2011-2012 Statements

1. 2nd October 2012 New Statesman Advertorial 2. 2nd July, 2012 British Library (Stonewall) Protest 3. 14th June, 2011 Belfast Conference 4. 12th April 2012 'Leppers Among us' Conference 5. 12th...

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OSCE 2012-2013

OSCE 2012-2013

Plenary Interventions: 1. "Ostracising difference: the new ideology of professional psychotherapeutic bodies that shame, and expel members who support autonomous individuals, seeking help to achieve...

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The possible abuse of professional bodies in denying clients autonomy in achieving sexual identities which refuse to embrace homosexual feelings – by penalising professional psychotherapists.

Efforts to protect vulnerable adults and minors from unscrupulous pseudo- psychotherapeutic interventions are to be welcomed. However, refusal to recognise client autonomy and self-determination in the matter of sexual identity and the right to reorder sexual orientation amounts to discrimination based on ideology.

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Freedom of speech to articulate alternative, non-affirming responses to homosexuality is an important right to be protected.

This illustrates a duplicity of standards in the communication about the choices individuals have in responding to homosexual feelings. Any advertising or information campaign challenging the idea that homosexuality is innate, and immutable, is likely to be banned on the grounds that the fact change of sexual orientation and associated behaviours cannot be proven.

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