Professional Practice Guideines Released b Professional Bodies
January 18, 2013

The Royal College of Psychiatrists is a highly respected institution which is trusted by the nation, as are the UK’s largest counselling and psychotherapeutic professional bodies, the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). The latter have issued professional practice statements and guidelines forbidding their members to assist clients to reduce homosexual feelings, under any circumstances. All three organisations promote a biological causation of homosexuality, sidelining significant research findings which suggest the profound influence of environmental experiences in childhood on an individuals’ sexuality.

A 2007 submission by the Royal College of Psychiatrists to the Church of England is a debatable document which may mislead the Church and the general public. It goes beyond science in identifying societal discrimination as the primary cause of the high incidence of various mental health issues experienced in the LGBT community. We call on the Church to reconsider this document, together with its likely consequences for counsellors, psychotherapists, and their clients who share traditional values, in the light of the best scientific research.

One consequence of the position taken by the professional bodies is that vulnerable individuals seeking to reduce unwanted same-sex attractions are now denied professional help to pursue their legitimate therapeutic goals. Although these organisations criticise attempts to “pray away the gay”, they are now making it more likely that amateur therapists and informal church-based ministries will be the only way open to people who want to reduce same-sex attractions, even if they are seeking to protect their marriage and family. Such therapeutic approaches will not be supported by professional competencies, protection, regulation, supervision or professional indemnity insurance. This is analogous to promoting the practice of back street abortion, which society has striven so hard to eliminate.

We oppose investigative action against therapists who are ostracised from their professional bodies simply because they are unable to support their ideological opinions.

The Council of Reference of Core Issues Trust invites individuals wishing to equip themselves better to analyse the foundational, yet misled, assumptions of the professional bodies regarding the issue of homosexuality, to attend a briefing seminar on:

Wednesday 30th January at 2.00-4.00 in Westminster.
For programme details please see here. For further information and interview please contact:

Core Issues is a non-profit Christian ministry supporting men and women with homosexual issues who voluntarily seek change in sexual preference and expression.

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