X-Out-Loud Broadens Its Reach In Scandinavia
June 17, 2024

Members of X-Out-Loud travelled to Norway from the 23-29 of April 2024 to testify of God’s work in their lives and to provide extra support and resources for people wanting to leave unwanted gay, lesbian and transgender lives behind for Christ, and also for those who wish to help them.

On the first day, they went to Oslo to meet with members of Til Helhet – a multi-denominational Christian organisation in Scandinavia which focuses on supporting and advocating for those who wish to leave the lifestyle behind. There were fruitful discussions between them, and their testimonies made quite the impact on those present.

Afterwards, they headed two hours north to the beautiful Lake Mjøsa, the country’s largest lake, where they spoke over a three day period at Til Helhet’s conference there. Victor Novitchi gave attendees a lot of insight and fresh perspectives as he ran some of the sessions whilst other X-Out-Loud members (Adeline Tomuta, Lionel Nzimbi, and Liam Hayden) also gave their testimonies. Taibbe Shirazi from Core Issues Trust also accompanied them as support. One particular night, Lionel and Victor also led a session where they invited God’s presence in to come and minister to the attendees. They witnessed many encountering the Father-heart of God and some came into a deeper level of freedom through this time of encounter and prayer.

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Overall, it was also a great opportunity for X-Out-Loud to spread their materials to people from all across Scandinavia, with people attending from Sweden and Denmark, as well as the host country, Norway. Some of those who were present never realised that change truly is possible for those struggling with these feelings. A good amount of the materials made it as far north as the Arctic Circle for missionaries to use them in helping and educating those living in remote communities under their care.

On the final day of ministry, Victor, Lionel and Liam headed to a missionary college for young adults on the outskirts of Oslo where the students were being taught about sexuality in relation to the Gospel and on the laws of Norway surrounding the topic. They gave their testimonies and answered students’ questions. The students showed a high level of maturity and enthusiasm, asking many challenging questions and asking for advice on how to deal with the LGBTIQ+ issues that surround them in their families, as well as in their mission field as a whole. It was truly an enlightening experience for them.

As an organisation, it was truly a privilege to meet with all of them – the hearts of the Norwegians are open to the truth, and team was received by them with great kindness.

Core Issues is a non-profit Christian ministry supporting men and women with homosexual issues who voluntarily seek change in sexual preference and expression.

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