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There are a wide range of useful resources available for those interested in exploring issues related to this cause. Don’t miss the important documents and eBooks below, and the content we have on the Learning and Archive platforms.

About the archive Iftcc

The IFTCC archives mark the beginning of an international repository for resources that were created in the defense of the right to move away from unwanted same-sex attraction or gender confusion. It provides a glimpse into the social and political history of the movement that opposes ‘conversion therapy’ bans.

About IFTCC Learning

IFTCC Learning serves the IFTCC as its public education body. It is led by the IFTCC Education and Training Advisory Council, chaired by Professor Carolyn Pela and managed by Dr Mike Davidson. IFTCC Learning aims to provide:

  1. Further training for qualified counsellors and psychotherapists;
  2. Specific knowledge, current best-practise and the latest research findings;
  3. A structured approach for pastoral careers and other helping disciplines.

About an International Journal of Human Sexuality

The editorial board of the Journal of Human Sexuality (JHS) invite contributions from writers, researchers and IFTCC supporters to contribute to this important initiative.

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X-Out-Loud Broadens Its Reach In Scandinavia

X-Out-Loud Broadens Its Reach In Scandinavia

Members of X-Out-Loud travelled to Norway from the 23-29 of April 2024 to testify of God’s work in their lives and to provide extra support and resources for people wanting to leave unwanted gay,...