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Belfast Charity Psychologist Warns World Health Organisation Medical Gender Interventions that Include Hormones Do Not Improve Mental Health – and May Worsen It!

Issued by the International Foundation for Therapeutic and Counselling Choice (IFTCC) Press Release For Immediate Release 27 February 2024   BELFAST CHARITY PSYCHOLOGIST WARNS WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION MEDICAL GENDER INTERVENTIONS THAT INCLUDE...

Response to Emily Sargent’s ‘Invited’ Investigation In The Times On Former LGB-Identified Persons Who Benefit From Change Allowing Therapy

Dr Laura Haynes, PhD Chair, IFTCC Science and Research Council Journalist Emily Sargent, in her investigation for the Times, confessed she lied undercover. She did not experience “conversion therapy” as she claims.  She experienced lying to...

Statement on Use of Public Funds for Biased Research

Issued by Core Issues Trust Press Release For Immediate release 23 January 2024 CHARITY WARNS OF PUBLIC FUNDS USED TO CREATE “BIASED RESEARCH” INTO ‘GAY THERAPY’ IN NORTHERN IRELAND PUBLIC funds are being used to create “biased” research into...

Letter to Department for Communities (NI)

In the absence of a Minister for Communities at Stormont – TO: The Chief Administrator and the Funding Managers and Human Subjects Ethics Advisors, Department for Communities (DFC), Northern Ireland Professor Fidelma Ashe, University of Ulster,...

Public Money being Used for Biased LGBT+ Research

Why is the NI Department for Communities using Public Money to Promote the LGBT Agenda? By Dr Laura Haynes, PhD and Dr Mike Davidson, PhD. The Department for Communities in Northern Ireland is funding research purporting to want to understand...

Response to National Secular Society Campaign

Core Issues Trust has today responded to the National Secular Society’s (NSS) campaingn to remove charitable status from faith groups which promote advancement of religion as a principal basis of their mission. This follows correspondence between the NSS and The Belfast Telegraph reported in various articles

CIT Releases 2020 Safeguarding Document

Core Issues Trust has released its 2020 Safeguarding document in the belief that Preventative Safeguarding is vital for us as an organisation. We recognise the need to also have in place robust policies touching recruitment, volunteering and screening, and to ensure we develop a suitable code of conduct for all our associates and association

2014 Statements

1. 3rd December 2014 The Counsellors and Psychotherapists (Regulation) Bill 2014-2015 2. 30th July 2014 High Court Judgement 3. 10th June 2014 Bishop Michael Burrows to debate Anglican view of human...

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Tony Compolo Capitulates to Gay Marriage Confusion : “For the Record”

Tony and Peggy Campolo’s embrace and normalisation of homosexual practice within the Christian church aligns the couple with growing confusion in Western Christian culture with respect to sexual ethics. Britons will not be surprised to see this development following his involvement with Steve Chalke, Vicky Beeching and Bishop Alan Williams following the Oasis Conferencei earlier this year.

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Comment on the NCLR submission to the 53 rd Convention against Torture and Other Cruel , Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment

A Californian based law firm, the National Centre for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) has submitted documentary information1 to the United Nations treaty Committee Against Torture, claiming that by failing to outlaw the practice of ‘Conversion Therapy,’ America violates its compliance with the Convention Against Torture to which it is a signatory.

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Protecting Competent Professional Guidance and Therapeutic Care for Unwanted Sexual Feelings

In the United Kingdom, it is now no longer possible as a psychotherapist to retain professional membership of any Professional Mental Health Body with integrity, without affirming the ideological view that homosexuality, for example, is inborn and unchangeable. Even the Association of Christian Counsellors (ACC), under the leadership of the Professional Standards Authority (PSA for Health and Social Care) now prohibits therapeutic practice that allows its members to assist clients to move away from unwanted homosexual practices and feelings.

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Speaking Up and Speaking Out: What Mr Blair Didn’t Tell the Nation

The gay lobby has much to thank the Labour Party for: repeal of Section 28, lowering of the age of consent for gay sex and the Sexual Orientation Regulations. More recently Mr Blair has confirmed that he “strongly supports the Prime Minister’s proposal” for imposition of gay marriage by the coalition government. His legacy has helped shape the views of Messrs Cameron, Clegg and Miliband.

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Ex-Gay Christian Counsellor Hounded Out by Psychotherapist Associations

On the basis of just two BBC radio interviews and no complaints from either his clients or his qualified supervisors, the British Psychodrama Association (BPA) under the direction of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) has this week removed former homosexual Dr Mike Davidson from the psychotherapists’ register of trainee professional membership.

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OSCE 2014-2015

OSCE 2014-2015

Plenary Session Interventions: DATE: 29th September, 2015. Working Session 121. Specifically selected topic: Combating hate crimes and ensuring effective protection against discrimination 2. ...

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