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Belfast Charity Psychologist Warns World Health Organisation Medical Gender Interventions that Include Hormones Do Not Improve Mental Health – and May Worsen It!

Issued by the International Foundation for Therapeutic and Counselling Choice (IFTCC) Press Release For Immediate Release 27 February 2024   BELFAST CHARITY PSYCHOLOGIST WARNS WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION MEDICAL GENDER INTERVENTIONS THAT INCLUDE...

Response to Emily Sargent’s ‘Invited’ Investigation In The Times On Former LGB-Identified Persons Who Benefit From Change Allowing Therapy

Dr Laura Haynes, PhD Chair, IFTCC Science and Research Council Journalist Emily Sargent, in her investigation for the Times, confessed she lied undercover. She did not experience “conversion therapy” as she claims.  She experienced lying to...

Statement on Use of Public Funds for Biased Research

Issued by Core Issues Trust Press Release For Immediate release 23 January 2024 CHARITY WARNS OF PUBLIC FUNDS USED TO CREATE “BIASED RESEARCH” INTO ‘GAY THERAPY’ IN NORTHERN IRELAND PUBLIC funds are being used to create “biased” research into...

Letter to Department for Communities (NI)

In the absence of a Minister for Communities at Stormont – TO: The Chief Administrator and the Funding Managers and Human Subjects Ethics Advisors, Department for Communities (DFC), Northern Ireland Professor Fidelma Ashe, University of Ulster,...

Public Money being Used for Biased LGBT+ Research

Why is the NI Department for Communities using Public Money to Promote the LGBT Agenda? By Dr Laura Haynes, PhD and Dr Mike Davidson, PhD. The Department for Communities in Northern Ireland is funding research purporting to want to understand...

Ex-lesbian’s testimony: Jesus set me free from sexual sin

CIT Co-worker Kylie Delia describes herself as an ‘ex-lesbian’. Her story is one of joy, encouragement and extraordinary transformation in Jesus Christ. “I use that phrase to show what I’ve come out of,” she explains, “because in Christ, today I am a new creation.”

Christian ministry loses bank account after harassment campaign

Christian ministry Core Issues Trust (CIT) has been notified that its bank will discontinue its accounts following a coordinated harassment campaign.Barclays Bank, a top-ranking employer of Stonewall’s list has provided no explanation for the decision.

Boris and Media Man Face Court Call Over Bus Ads

Boris Johnson and his former media adviser will face a call tomorrow (10 DEC 2013) to appear before the Court of Appeal to explain new evidence about the Mayor’s involvement in banning adverts on London buses during last year’s closely fought Mayoral election campaign. HEARING: TOMORROW – TUES 10 DEC 2013 – 10:30

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Belfast Statement

David Pickup is a keynote speaker at the Belfast-based Core Issues being held on Tuesday 14th June at Belvoir Church of Ireland. The conference is called “Interrogating the Pejoratives”. Other speakers include Barrister Andrea Minichiello Williams. David will be giving an evening address on this topic on Thursday, 9th of June,

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“The semantics of duplicity”: Core Issues

In disallowing witnesses to be cross-examined and by ignoring both controversy about categorical notions of human sexuality (which the Royal College of Psychiatrists recently admitted are not fixed nor immutable), and inconsistencies in Boris Johnson’s witness statements, Justice Lang has confirmed today that the British establishment is no longer a guardian of freedom of

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How evidence, rights, freedoms and conscience are trampled through view-point discrimination under the UK’s aggressive secular state.

on-going media reports indicate that the UK government is considering criminalising professionals offering help to clients wanting to end homosexual feelings and behaviours. Already an effective ban is in place on such support through the country’s leading mental health organisations against their members responding to such client requests. Those groups motivated by orthodox Christian values with regard to human sexuality to help such people are not exempt from this effective ban.

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Truth is stranger than it used to be: when ‘puffing’ isn’t lying

Lord Justice Sullivan yesterday dismissed Core Issues Trust’s application to appeal, claiming that Mrs Justice Lang’s inquiry in the London Bus Case was satisfactory and appropriate. According to Lord Justice Sullivan, Core Issues Trust is simply aggrieved at her findings. In reality, the rights of ex-gay persons have again been trampled by establishment judges.

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The most important legal points achieved so far Court proceedings reveal Judges' observations: the inconsistencies in TFL’s application of its own procedures and by-laws in banning the CIT advert,...

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Appeal June 2015

Appeal June 2015

Court  Blocks Appeal of 'Banned Bus Ad' Case “The case has shown clearly that British officialdom has no regard for the rights of ordinary men and women whose identity is “ex-gay” and whose practice...

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Irish Referendum on Gay Marriage 26th May, 2015

Core Issues Trust offers its gratitude to the many thousands of citizens who voted against changing the Irish Constitution to replace marriage as the union between one man and one woman for life, with a new concept which takes no account of the sex of the marriage partners.

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As Requested by Pink News: Statement from Core Issues Trust

Banning therapeutic support for those who experience homosexual behaviours and feelings but who wish to reduce these because of prioritising marriage to opposite sex partners is the antithesis of a conservative agenda. Such therapeutic support is not offered as a ’treatment’ or as a ‘cure’ any more than experiencing homosexual feelings is a ‘disease’.

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