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X-Out-Loud Speak Up at the Church of England’s Synod

Core Issues Trust and members of X-Out-Loud came together in London from the 13th – 15th of November 2023 for the Church of England’s General Synod. The Church of England Synod is a council of 478 voting members arranged into three Houses – the...

Challenging Gender Confusion in Barbados: Speaking Truth Into the Young Generation

Victor Novitchi was invited to Barbados to speak on behalf of Core Issues Trust at a series of events that addressed some of the most controversial and difficult topics of the day: gender confusion and same-sex attraction. Barbados is a tiny island...

Core Issues Trust vs Barclays:  Account Closure

Staff writer The David and Goliath battle with Barclays Bank has thrown up some interesting trends undermining our national life in the UK.  We are grateful to the Christian Legal Centre in representing us, and for securing us a win of £21,500...

Introducing the CIT Africa Project

Mike Davidson, CEO Core Issues Trust Attending GAFCON IV, will no doubt go down as a highlight for CIT in 2023. The 2023 GAFCON video report brings the pleasant memories flooding back! There are fond memories too, of our time in Jerusalem at GAFCON...

The Gospel, and the Priorities of the Church

If, therefore, our practical and pastoral concern is limited to what occurs within the confines of the church – whether its building, programmes, members or activities - we then leave the public space open to being taken over by the adversary with...

Announcing LIVE with Mike

A 10-Epsiode weekly (Wednesdays) series starting 22 April running until 24th June, 2020. These are FaceBook LIVe session on the CIT FB page setting 12.00 GMT+1 for one hour. The sessions are interactive, view comments and questions are welcome

Core Issues Trust announces new project: X-Out-Loud

X-Out-Loud celebrates the sense of freedom emerging X-LGBT people experience. A range of celebratory activities are planned so check back for more information in the next few weeks. Participants from different world areas plan to attend. But first, X-Out-Live begins its weekly Broadcast…

Truth is stranger than it used to be: when ‘puffing’ isn’t lying

Lord Justice Sullivan yesterday dismissed Core Issues Trust’s application to appeal, claiming that Mrs Justice Lang’s inquiry in the London Bus Case was satisfactory and appropriate. According to Lord Justice Sullivan, Core Issues Trust is simply aggrieved at her findings. In reality, the rights of ex-gay persons have again been trampled by establishment judges.

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The most important legal points achieved so far Court proceedings reveal Judges' observations: the inconsistencies in TFL’s application of its own procedures and by-laws in banning the CIT advert,...

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Appeal June 2015

Appeal June 2015

Court  Blocks Appeal of 'Banned Bus Ad' Case “The case has shown clearly that British officialdom has no regard for the rights of ordinary men and women whose identity is “ex-gay” and whose practice...

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Irish Referendum on Gay Marriage 26th May, 2015

Core Issues Trust offers its gratitude to the many thousands of citizens who voted against changing the Irish Constitution to replace marriage as the union between one man and one woman for life, with a new concept which takes no account of the sex of the marriage partners.

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As Requested by Pink News: Statement from Core Issues Trust

Banning therapeutic support for those who experience homosexual behaviours and feelings but who wish to reduce these because of prioritising marriage to opposite sex partners is the antithesis of a conservative agenda. Such therapeutic support is not offered as a ’treatment’ or as a ‘cure’ any more than experiencing homosexual feelings is a ‘disease’.

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2014 Statements

1. 3rd December 2014 The Counsellors and Psychotherapists (Regulation) Bill 2014-2015 2. 30th July 2014 High Court Judgement 3. 10th June 2014 Bishop Michael Burrows to debate Anglican view of human...

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Tony Compolo Capitulates to Gay Marriage Confusion : “For the Record”

Tony and Peggy Campolo’s embrace and normalisation of homosexual practice within the Christian church aligns the couple with growing confusion in Western Christian culture with respect to sexual ethics. Britons will not be surprised to see this development following his involvement with Steve Chalke, Vicky Beeching and Bishop Alan Williams following the Oasis Conferencei earlier this year.

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Comment on the NCLR submission to the 53 rd Convention against Torture and Other Cruel , Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment

A Californian based law firm, the National Centre for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) has submitted documentary information1 to the United Nations treaty Committee Against Torture, claiming that by failing to outlaw the practice of ‘Conversion Therapy,’ America violates its compliance with the Convention Against Torture to which it is a signatory.

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