As Requested by Pink News: Statement from Core Issues Trust
April 29, 2015

Following statements made by the Prime Minister, David Cameron to be released by Pink News:

Banning therapeutic support for those who experience homosexual behaviours and feelings but who wish to reduce these because of prioritising marriage to opposite sex partners is the antithesis of a conservative agenda. Such therapeutic support is not offered as a ’treatment’ or as a ‘cure’ any more than experiencing homosexual feelings is a ‘disease’.

David Cameron’s remarks betray a political agenda that now denies the legitimate wishes of ordinary people who simply want to exercise their freedom and right as autonomous individuals to live as they choose either in active gay relationships, abstinence, celibacy or in marriage to opposite sex partners.

The Conservative government has consistently exploited and misconstrued the issue of therapeutic choice for unwanted homosexual feelings and in so doing trivialises the range and complexity of human experience. Sexuality is fluid, for both men and women, and change – as the Government’s own NATSAL demographic statistics indicate, happens across the population irrespective of any therapeutic intervention. Mr Cameron’s intention to ban therapeutic support for minors experiencing homosexual feelings, is based on the false notion that children are born gay, and should alert parents to the Tory intention to deny them the freedom to encourage their children to live according to values important to them and to their parents.

This is the clearest evidence yet of the Conservatives’ imposition of Westminster elitist ‘British’ values which ignore the right of gay people to live their lives as they choose and also undermine the Judeo- Christian values that underpin our nation’s heritage. Not only are the rights of parents to teach orthodox Judeo Christian values under attack through this election pledge, but gay people are once again being patronised and their freedoms undermined. David Cameron can expect the persecution of orthodox Christians, Jews and others to increase in the United Kingdom because of his irresponsible remarks disregarding the available scientific evidence concerning sexual fluidity and the best practice in therapeutic counselling that honours clients’ goals and aspirations

We call on Christians and other supporters who reject Mr Cameron’s illiberal views to reject his party, or for Mr Cameron to retract his exploitation of this issue for political gain.

Core Issues Trust will continue to offer support for men and women who for whatever reason, do not wish to express homosexual feelings nor to engage in homosexual practices. We shall continue to do so with the help of a voluntary register of practitioners not associated with the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) as we are entitled to do. We shall continue to respect client choice, and to serve those with identities on the sexual continuum other than ‘gay’ and ‘straight’. We do not support the Government’s ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ but will continue to associate with organisations similarly minded in the UK and beyond.

Core Issues is a non-profit Christian ministry supporting men and women with homosexual issues who voluntarily seek change in sexual preference and expression.

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