Ex-lesbian’s testimony: Jesus set me free from sexual sin
September 17, 2020

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Kylie Delia describes herself as an ‘ex-lesbian’. Her story is one of joy, encouragement and extraordinary transformation in Jesus Christ. “I use that phrase to show what I’ve come out of,” she explains, “because in Christ, today I am a new creation.”

Yet in her native Malta, her testimony is a dangerous one to share. Somewhat strangely, on the predominantly Catholic island, so-called ‘conversion therapy’ has been banned since 2016. This includes any so-called promotion of leaving behind homosexuality, or any other LGBT identity. According to the law, anyone who attempts to “change, repress or eliminate a person’s sexual orientation, gender identity and/or gender expression” could be fined or even jailed.

Kylie says her church, which is also home to ex-gay former X Factor Malta contestant Matthew Grech, has been criticised heavily by the media, and both herself and her ex-gay friends have been publicly attacked and silenced for sharing their testimonies. When I press her, she tells me, “sharing our testimonies has been a perfect opportunity for the LGBTQ Equality branch in Malta to demonise us.”

Yet her story is an important one to hear – particularly since the UK government has announced its intention to ban the so-called practice here as well. Just as in Malta, this would essentially ban church-based pastoral care for those struggling with sexual identity, including prayer for those who have asked for it, and conversations between consenting adults.  Kylie herself has never sought specific counselling for unwanted homosexuality, but she tells me that she has had “experiences within the church that could be described as therapeutic.” These are precisely the types of conversations the government plans to ban.

Now more than ever the government needs to listen and take note of these stories of complete transformation, of finding joy, and of receiving the help that these people were longing for.

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Read Kylie's full story on Christin Concern.

Core Issues is a non-profit Christian ministry supporting men and women with homosexual issues who voluntarily seek change in sexual preference and expression.

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