What the Research Says
August 8, 2014

“‘What the Research Does and Does Not Say …’ should be required reading for mental health providers, physicians, client/patient advocates, legislative and judicial bodies involved in matters regarding human sexual identity. Science, beneficence, non-maleficence and informed consent, not propagandized soundbites, must serve as the foundation for all healthcare.”

Michelle A. Cretella, MD, Vice President, American College of Pediatricians, USA

What others have said…

“This booklet stands out due to its high degree of differentiation and objectivity. All those who are interested in knowing more about the issue of therapy for individuals with unwanted same-sex attraction will find Philip Sutton’s well-founded information extremely valuable.”Dr. med. Christl R. Vonholdt, Physician, Paediatrician, Director German Institute for Youth and Society, Germany

“In this clear and succinct report, Dr Sutton explains why evidence of harm from Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE) is never produced upon request. International attempts to ridicule and ban such therapies today are not based on science but on gay-affirming ideology. This emperor has no clothes on.”Dr Peter May MRCGP, United Kingdom

“Ideology is like delirium: it resists all evidence of the facts. But if someone is looking for facts about homosexuality, they will be found in abundance in this book”.Roberto Marchesini, Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Italy

“Scientific integrity is being routinely compromised by mental health associations in order to advance a political and policy agenda. Dr Sutton is to be commended for concisely documenting thisphenomenon.” Christopher H. Rosik, Ph.D., Licensed psychologist, current President of the Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity, APA member since 1984. USA

“The official attempts to prove that, at the roots of same-sex attraction, there is no psychological dimension which could be therapeutically explored and understood, seem to bear an element – however slight – of fearful eagerness. But neither Sigmund and Anna Freud, nor Alfred Adler, Karl Gustav Jung and many others laterhad any doubts of the value of such efforts.” Dr. Gintautas Vaitoska, psychiatrist, Director of Studies of Marriage and the Family Program at the International Theological Institute in Austria

“Dr Sutton brings to the public’s attention how much scientific nonsense lies behind attempts to ban the treatment of people troubled by same-sex thoughts, feelings and behaviours.” Joseph Berger MBBS (Hons) FRCP(C) DABPN, Consulting Psychiatrist,Toronto, Canada

This booklet defends what is worthwhile in the traditional thinking and treatment of homosexuality.” Gerard J.M. van den Aardweg, Ph.D. Netherlands

“As an epidemiologist, I am used to scientific discussions on the quality of evidence, study designs and bias and on how to critically understand any proposed conclusions. This is often difficult when commercial interests distort scientific evidence. Philip Sutton deals with ideological rather than commercial interests, explaining how professional associations may disregard scientific criteria and suggest SOCE should be banned… adult and consenting clients have the right for their counseling choices to be available on the grounds of scientific evidence, not pseudo democratic choices. Science is not a matter for majority vote. Jokin de Irala MD, MPH, PhD, University of Navarre, Spain

Core Issues is a non-profit Christian ministry supporting men and women with homosexual issues who voluntarily seek change in sexual preference and expression.

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