Statement to Members of Local Assembly, Stormont from CIT and the IFTCC
May 5, 2021

Stormont debate on banning “conversion Therapy” – a statement from Core Issues Trust (CIT) and the International Federation for Therapeutic and Counselling Choice (IFTCC)

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The recent symbolic vote taken by the Northern Ireland Assembly, in support of a motion brought by MLA Doug Beattie, to ban so called “conversion therapy” has taken no cognisance of the rights and freedoms of those unwilling to take an LGBTQ identity who seek counselling or pastoral guidance.

The Trust’s lawyers have now raised the matter of the false accusations made against the Trust in the Assembly, with Mr Beattie. Mr Beattie misinformed the Assembly by stating that the Trust conducts “conversion therapies” akin to torture. Stating that he considers himself to be born heterosexual, and that homosexuality is innate, the member ignored the views of mental health bodies both in the UK and abroad that disagree with him and point to the complex and little understood interplay between biological and postnatal influences in the matter of sexuality.

In addition, the IFTCC’s Science and Research Council has now written to Mr Beattie, and to all MLAs[1] at Stormont, to point out the well-established scientific research which appears to have been ignored or overlooked in this debate. More concerningly, those supporting the motion showed no evidence of consulting with those most likely to be affected by the proposed legislation.

In 2014, Core Issues Trust established the fact in the UK’s High Court on appeal that “ex-gay” persons are protected under the Equality Act of 2010 and should not be discriminated against. More recently, the Trust has made representations to Stormont’s committee concerned with instituting a Bill of Rights in Northern Ireland, widely promoted as being for “everyone”.

In response to ongoing harassment of high-ranking politicians who have never sought to consult with any group representing individuals who refuse to take on an LGBTQ identity, who seek pastoral and counselling support for their unwanted feelings, Core Issues Trust invites those interested to meet persons about whom they are making decisions, without considering their views.

On Thursday 6th May at 6.30pm BST, participants from X-Out-Loud, a CIT project, will share their responses to politicians who support LGBTQ goals to ban therapeutic and counselling choice, without any regard for those who seek to receive or to deliver such help.  Seven men and woman from across the UK will share on X-Out-Loud Facebook LIVE[2] and on the X-Out-Loud YouTube[3] channel for a 75-minute special broadcast. Playback recording will then also be available on the CIT homepage.

Core Issues Trust, in line with the IFTCC does not offer any ‘exotic’ therapy but engages in conversations with clients who have often been told that they have no choice in the matter of their sexual desires and that modification of unwanted same-sex behaviours or gender issues is harmful and unnecessary.  The Trust, together with the IFTCC maintains that individuals, who don’t choose to identify as LGBT, should themselves decide the direction of any therapeutic and counselling interventions necessary to maintain their helath and not LGBT activists or politicians who uncritically embrace LGBTQ ideology.

Belfast, 4th May 2021

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Core Issues is a non-profit Christian ministry supporting men and women with homosexual issues who voluntarily seek change in sexual preference and expression.

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