Statement about McKrae Game
September 5, 2019

Statement concerning McKrae Game and Washington Examiner Article (3 September, 2019)[1]

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McKrae Game, who now identifies as ex ex-gay, has no right to speak for the Once Gay Community.  

Game is credited with being a founder of “conversion therapy” in the 3rd Sept 2019 Washington Examiner article, ‘Founder of conversion therapy organization comes out as gay and apologizes’. In reality he was founder of a successor network to Exodus “International” (under the failed leadership of Alan Chambers) called “Hope for Wholeness”. This followed largely in Chamber’s footsteps and influence.

Although “Hope for Wholeness” did have a counselling department headed up by a licensed counsellor and staffed by trained professionals, it rarely received referrals from those leading the organization. The leaders in “Hope for Wholeness” believed that spiritual and religious mentoring by themselves was sufficient. Neither did they promote counselling per se much less change-allowing therapy, rather promoting a religious or spiritual approach to the issue.  Why is Game now claiming they did “conversion therapy”?

Both he and the newspaper are apparently unaware of change-allowing therapies and pastoral work, often branded by the catch-all term “Conversion Therapy”. This simply refers to any person, therapist or otherwise who resists the normalisation of homosexual practise or the affirmation of “gay” as an existential category.

Game’s version of ‘help’ is a caricature: blaming parents, conversion or “praying away the gay” approaches. His denial of the realities of Once Gay people is deeply offensive, liable to damage those who desire to develop their heterosexual potential.  Sexual fluidity clearly recognises persons with multiple attractions.  For those seeking to resolve “bi-sexual” behaviours, why must they be forced to affirm their homosexual attractions at the expense of their heterosexual attractions?

Given the most recent research[2] using a sample of almost a half-million found that that there is no single 'gay gene', the fact that sexual development is multifactorial, clearly with a strong post-natal component, gives real hope for those who wish to explore sexual fluidity in therapy.  Has Game missed the memo?     

Dismissed from his ministry leadership role earlier this year, McKrae Game finds himself in the spotlight once again, but this time, batting for the other side, thus becoming the focus of attention for both sides of the issue. Alan Chambers unilaterally closed Exodus International because he found no resolution for his own unresolved sexual confusion.  Counsellor therapist David Matheson similarly abandoned his work to affirm his homosexual desires.  The common denominator? – neither found personal internal congruence and resolution of conflict and in their own frustration attempt to close the door for others.  They have a right to choose their own pathways, they have no right to force others to accept their direction as the only option.

Core Issues Trust is encouraged and inspired by the clear evidence of individuals resolving internal conflicts, finding legitimate ways of meeting unmet emotional needs non-sexually and transforming behaviours and feelings.

McKrae is correct about scams:  he has just targeted the wrong entity. The real scandal is monocultural domination that brooks no dissent or difference within the mental health structures. These refuse to acknowledge that for some homosexual feelings are not congruent with their primary spiritual values.

Further Information Dr Mike Davidson:  +44 (0)783 309 8998 |

Core Issues is a non-profit Christian ministry supporting men and women with homosexual issues who voluntarily seek change in sexual preference and expression.

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