Report Challenges Ozanne Foundation Faith and Sexuality Survey (FSS)
July 3, 2019

The International Federation for Therapeutic and Counselling Choice (IFTCC) has released a study of the Ozanne Foundation’s  (FSS) “Faith and Sexuality Survey, 2018” Report.

Download the full IFTCC Survey report, here

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Several unsuccessful attempts have been made to engage with the Ozanne Foundation by those who support change-allowing therapies and pastoral counselling which respects the goals of individuals to reduce or change unwanted same-sex attractions and feelings. We have not been successful in our request to engage with the Foundation. Neither were we successful in our requests to engage with those responsible for crafting the UK’s Memorandum of Understanding on “Conversion Therapy”.

I am grateful for those moments when, facilitated by the media, I have been given the opportunity to interact with Jayne Ozanne herself, but these are inadequate fora in which to dialogue meaningfully or in depth.

The Science and Research Council of the IFTCC has taken the opportunity to examine the Ozanne Foundation’s Faith and Sexuality Survey (FSS), 2018. This response presents its considerable work and conclusions, with the request once again, that the criticisms raised in the Executive Summary that follows, will be responded to.

In addition to a critique of the FSS, attention has also been given to how the UK Media reported the survey without, it seems, any critical understanding of the population sampling presented, survey design, nor the particular weaknesses of the conclusions derived. Dr. Moseley’s analysis of these matters also invites a response from those who appear to have promoted a remarkably poor survey report, with only the most superficial understanding of the research issues involved. Professor Schumm’s foreword contextualises the FSS in the global context of research worthy of changing public policy. His observations likewise call for a response from the Ozanne Foundation’s advisors.

Once gay, ex-gay or post gay lives matter. Their right to access, and the right of change-allowing therapists and counsellors to provide professional and pastoral help that reflects a clients’ own worldview, is a reasonable goal. Respectful listening to the views of the training and professional association of such practitioners is likewise a worthy endeavour, if we are to break free from the mono-cultural view-point discrimination that hinders the proper pursuance of genuine scientific debate.

On behalf of the IFTCC Executive Board, I have pleasure in recommending this critical analysis of the Ozanne Foundation’s Faith and Sexuality Survey. It is offered with the recognition that “as iron strikes iron” the best scientific understanding will be achieved.

Mike Davidson, PhD, HEA Chairman IFTCC, CEO Core Issues Trust

Watch a short clip about this Report:

YouTube video

YouTube video

Core Issues is a non-profit Christian ministry supporting men and women with homosexual issues who voluntarily seek change in sexual preference and expression.

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