Germany wants to end therapeutic choice and client autonomy
May 2, 2019

Download the letter here

On Thursday May 2nd 2019 friends of the IFTCC visited the German Embassy in London to deliver a letter to the German Ambassador concerning the German Government's intention to ban "Conversion Therapy".

The letter said:

"Everyone has the legal right to live his or her life identifying as LGBT. At the same time no one has the right to prevent others from ceasing to live as LGBT people and to move into other sexual identities, attractions and behaviours. Current science shows that there is substantially more fluidity in people’s sexual attraction, behaviour and identity than previously thought (see Appendix 2). If changes are occurring naturally, why is it then so difficult to acknowledge that some people can be their own agents of change in a process assisted by therapy and counselling? Contrary to some claims publicly made by gay activists, there is no proof that the use of standard methods in psychotherapy and counselling for unwanted samesex attraction is harmful…"

YouTube video

German Embassy Visit June 2nd 2019 by friends of the IFTCC


Note the letter delivered to the German Embassy:

Download the letter here

Watch Stefan Schmidt's account of work supporting those coming our of homosexual identity and practices in German:

YouTube video

Watch other voices of those who have left unwated same-sex attractions in Germany here

Core Issues is a non-profit Christian ministry supporting men and women with homosexual issues who voluntarily seek change in sexual preference and expression.

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