Challenging Gender Confusion in Barbados: Speaking Truth Into the Young Generation
October 13, 2023

Victor Novitchi was invited to Barbados to speak on behalf of Core Issues Trust at a series of events that addressed some of the most controversial and difficult topics of the day: gender confusion and same-sex attraction.

Barbados is a tiny island in the Caribbean Sea, with just over 200 thousand people. Due to its small size and population, it’s a place that can easily be influenced by greater powers, hence why some on the island would say Barbados is the guinea pig of the Carribean in terms of the laws and bills that are being passed by governments.

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At the end of August, ‘WATCH OUT MY CHILDREN’ and ‘Praise Academy of Dance’ organised a Youth Rally with a series of events and speaking engagements to help Christian leaders, parents, teachers and other concerned individuals to better understand the issues connected to homosexuality and transgenderism.

The week culminated with a musical that told the story of Zoe, a 15 year old teenager who struggles with her gender. After many struggles and an attempt to commit suicide, in the end, Zoe surrenders to Jesus and embraces her biological gender. Victor shared his story of deliverance out of a life of gender, sexuality and identity struggles.

Barbados proved to be a fertile ground, where the work of Core Issues Trust was welcomed and valued. Now we’re working closely with some Bajan leaders and lawyers who will be attending the IFTCC Conference this month in Poland.

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Core Issues is a non-profit Christian ministry supporting men and women with homosexual issues who voluntarily seek change in sexual preference and expression.

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