CIT Comment on Living Out’s Repudiation of Therapeutic Support …

Core Issues Trust does not support the position, which is now embraced by increasing numbers of UK evangelicals, promoting a category of ‘gay self-acceptance’ rather than hope of change. This ‘conservative gay-affirming’ position equates unwanted same-sex inclinations to ‘orientation’ regardless of whether or not these have been acted on.

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TFL vs CIT Costs (£8,870.87) paid in full!

We thank God for all those supporters who have helped in raising a considerable sum required, we believe unfairly, by Transport for London, in respect of the London Bus Case in which we opposed the promotion of a categorical understanding of homosexuality in the public space. We believe individuals should have the right and freedom to leave unwanted sexual practices and be supported by professionals to do so. This case demonstrates the silencing imposed on any dissenting position and with no regard to the emerging evidence that sexuality is fluid and changeable for many.

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Costs Demand from TFL against CIT

Transport for London (TFL) lawyers have asked the Enforcements of Judgements Office in Belfast to issue a Custody Warrent against all goods of Core Issues Trust.

The warrent requires payment of £8870.87 despite the fact that cases between 2013-2015 indicated proceedural flaws in TFL’s dealings with CIT, and that Mayor Boris Johnson had been dishonest in disclaiming his role in the banning of our 2012 advertisment. The warrant, designed to silence the work and witness of the Trust, remains inplace until payment of this amount has been made. All events, projects and operations of CIT remain functional. Current balance = £5,437.25. Thank you for your generosity! The full £8870.87 demand must be paid by 22nd February, 2016.

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Parliamentary Debate on ‘Stamping Out’ Gay Cure (sic) Therapies in the UK

Please be advised that we are unaware of any informal or professional psychotherapeutic or counselling practitioner in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Europe or the USA practising ‘gay cure’ as articulated by Minister Morgan as including ‘electro-shock’ and/or ‘aversion’ (nauseous drug) therapies. Where these exist we support such a ban. However, client rights to informed consent and self-determination deserve protection and respect.

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Boris and Media Man Face Court Call Over Bus Ads

Boris Johnson and his former media adviser will face a call tomorrow (10 DEC 2013) to appear before the Court of Appeal to explain new evidence about the Mayor’s involvement in banning adverts on London buses during last year’s closely fought Mayoral election campaign. HEARING: TOMORROW – TUES 10 DEC 2013 – 10:30

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Belfast Statement

David Pickup is a keynote speaker at the Belfast-based Core Issues being held on Tuesday 14th June at Belvoir Church of Ireland. The conference is called “Interrogating the Pejoratives”. Other speakers include Barrister Andrea Minichiello Williams. David will be giving an evening address on this topic on Thursday, 9th of June,

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